IV Sedation Instructions

Information for Patients undergoing treatments
Under Intravenous Sedation

The intravenous sedation consists of having medication injected through the veins in the arm to provide relaxation and comfort for a dental procedure.

It is very important to carefully follow the instructions below in order to receive the intravenous sedation.



  • Your last meal must be at least 6 h prior to the appointment and should consist of light food. Do not eat red meat or fried food.
  • You must be escorted by an adult for the entire procedure and this person must stay with you until you get back home.
  • If you need to take medications prescribed by a doctor, take them as written with water only. Make sure you bring your list of prescribed medications with you on the day of your appointment.
  • Do not take any new medications on the day of your surgery without asking your surgeon.
  • Make sure to remove your nail polish on your finger nail.
  • Wearing a T-Shirt is required for the appointment. For your comfort, tight clothes are not recommended.
  • Make sure to shave your beard prior to your appointment.

Post-operative Instructions

The medication used for the intravenous sedation will stay in your body for some time after the procedure, even if you feel the effects fading away. For this reason, it is very important to follow the instructions below after receiving the intravenous sedation to prevent complications:

    • Do not drive a car or operate any other motorized vehicles until the next morning.
    • Be careful when changing positions. Dizziness can be induced by standing up, sitting or lying down too fast.
    • Do not drink alcohol for 24hrs after the surgery.
    • Recover at home and rest with the head slightly elevated to minimize the swelling.
    • Start taking your prescribed pain medication before the numbing effect wears off.

Please note that it is important for you to follow Post-operative Instructions to reduce the risk of complications.